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Critique-Stephanie Lansdon

The title of Stephanie Lansdon’s final project is “Final Project.” She does not have a description listed for the work. The work is a collage of multiple images. A majority of the images seem organic and are of lighter values. This collage seems calming to me, especially with the color palette. There are no harsh colors present. The different values of pink displayed in multiple areas of the collage help to unify the work, which is what makes this collage a success to me. The black and white leaf image really helps this work because it provides a nice place for my eye to rest since it is the only area besides the female that lacks color.

One of the main images that stands out is the female in the lower right corner. It takes a minute to discover that she is in the image because she blends into the white space since the majority of her is white with light gray outlines and shading. I believe that having this character in her own area really helps the work because she doesn’t get lost in the chaos of the other images and it’s a nice resting place for my eye. The repetition of objects with the chess pieces and greenery helps create movement and move the eye from one area of the work to another. I like that at first glance only a few of the images used seem to be recognizable, but after studying the collage, I’m able to place more of the images. I really enjoy how the edges of the work are organic and they aren’t forced into a rectangular box because the organic edge helps to imitate the organic forms represented in the work.

This work reminds me of one of Lansdon's printmaking installments from this semester because the same female was used. This work seems original to me because although it reminded me of one of Stephanie’s prior projects, it is still different from that project, and it also doesn’t remind me of anything else that I have seen before viewing this work.

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